I made a post here the other day about some new essentials, that I bought. The metallic clutch was one of them, as you can see on the picture. You may or may not be wondering where the white leather clutch is coming from. Well, that is what the whole post is going to be about. Basically here the other day, I was hanging out with one of my close friends, as we were chatting, she didn't notice, that she dropped some nail polish remover on my Metallic clutch, which extended into a big grey mark. I didn't panic, because whenever some of my stuff get ruined or break, I always know how to fix them. I will tell you exactly what I did with it -
All you need is a metallic clutch, like the one you see on the picture, a bottle of nail polish remover and a new cloth, which hasn't been used for anything at all. It could effect the DIY, since you're turning it into white leather. All you need to do it put nail polish remover on the cloth and start rubbing the metallic of the clutch, which is basically all I did. Sometimes I would drop some of the nail polish remover directly on into the clutch, which will make it easier and then start rubbing the left overs of the clutch. It took me around 20 minutes to make this clutch completely white, and I can't tell you how happy I am with how it turned out.