Clutch | lipsticks | jewelry boxes 
This is basically my everyday essentials, what I'm always carrying with me, whenever I walk out of the door. I always carry my clutch with me, where I keep my nude lipsticks, lip balms and any other make-up product, that I'm in need for. I also carry black boxes for my jewelry, since I tend to wear a lot of jewelry when I'm out, so in case I want to take them of, they'll always be there. I feel like it's a great idea, since it's very easy for jewelry (such as small rings or bangles) to disappear in my clutch, and nothing is more painful than having to empty the entire clutch in the streets, and look for the small items that could possibly fall out of the clutch. ...
Iphone | transparent case | headphones | charger  
Another thing I basically couldn't go anywhere without is definitely my Iphone, which includes my transparent case, headphones and my charger. There isn't a day where I'm not using my phone for anything, either it's for shopping online, blogging on Tumblr or just listening to music. I basically use my phone 24/7, which means, that I need the charger 24/7 as well. I also tend to change cases quite a lot, therefore I carry some with me.
Several of the latest magazines  
Whenever I'm going for a long car drive or anywhere, where I wouldn't know what to do, I always make sure to carry the latest magazines with me. Even if it's just a 10 minutes car drive, I like to keep myself entertained reading about the upcoming fashion trends, young fashion designers and bloggers who've made it into the magazine. I'm very, very obsessed with magazines, I tend to buy loads of them, definitely more than I should. ......