In October I made this post about my obsession for pastel coats and ever since that day, I've been out looking for one. I haven't been able to find the "perfect" pastel coat until last week, where I ordered this beautiful thing from Asos. I'm very keen when it comes to everything, so I didn't want to buy any coat right away. I wanted something that would go perfect in shape and size, not too long and not too short. Also something that would go perfect with my entire wardrobe and still keeps me warm in winter cold. Since this coat is made of wool, there was no doubt, that it was the one. It also made me want it even more, the fact that it was oversized and has this "boyfriend" feel to it. It just means, that I will be able to wear beautiful things underneath it. I can't wait to show you in an outfit post (along with my new chunky heels from Asos as well). Stay tuned for the post. .......