I finally made an Instagram: @bysarahiracheni! Want me to follow you? Click below! 
I made an Instagram a month ago which I didn't really use to begin with, but I made it in case I wanted to use it in the future. I guess the future is now, because I'm quite addicted to it and I have only been using it for 5 days. I never thought I would make one to begin with, even though a lot of my friends wanted me to. But I guess things didn't go as I planned, so now I have one. I post everything from what I post here on the blog, what I capture in my every day life, favorite fashion details - from the runways and off the runways. Anything fashion, interior, architecture and minimal related. That's what my Instagram will contain. Follow me @Fashionbysiblog. I will make sure to follow you back. Just wanted to do a quick update, hope you'll enjoy! ......