GHOST CHAIR / AMAZON
                         MARGIELA PERFUME / COLETTE
                         STRIPED PILLOW / SATURDAY
                         WHITE BOOKS / UNKNOWN
                         NOTEBOOKS / NET A PORTER
                         METALLIC LAMP / IKEA
It's time for me to publish a wish list including my favorite interior here on the blog. It really surprises me, that I haven't done this before, since I absolutely love interior and nothing is better, when it gets minimalistic. As you can see I've included a Maison Martin Margiela perfume on the list, which isn't exactly interior, but since it's a perfume I've been longing for, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show it off on the blog. I guess it's even more perfect, that it goes amazingly well with the rest of the interior. Also, when I get my hands on it, it's definitely going to be on display in my room, so it isn't that bad to feature it after all. ..............