MESH TOTE BAG / ASOS
           MINI CLUTCH / ASOS

Since I'm a student and my summer break is soon over, I thought it would be appropriate for some "bag shopping". It did get a bit overhand, but they weren't exactly the most expensive, so that was totally fine with my bank account. Although I tried really hard to find the "perfect"-bag, and it definitely did take me days - if not weeks. I was lucky enough to find a shopper in leather and nothing screams more perfection than that. It has a minimalistic vibe to it, very simple and so sharp! Exactly what I was looking for. I also wanted a more "sporty" looking bag, and I was definitely sold when I saw this one in mesh. It was a huge must for me, and as you can see I've already put my Nike sneakers and sportswear in there. So in love with it. Last but not least, I bought a "mini clutch" which I use as my daily purse, since my old one broke. I'm much happier with this one, and there's nothing else to say other than: I simply love it. .....