So I decided to take some close-up shots of my room. I originally planned to do it next month, when I have my white floors fixed, but I still am, of course, when everything is finished! As the title says, it's just a little peak. I still need to buy some stuff in copper, since I'm developing a serious obsession. I already have a copper lamp, as you can see on the pictures, and now I'm currently on the outlook for a copper table lamp for the working area - oh, and white sheepskin for my chair. Besides the floor, the copper stuff and the sheepskin, I think I'm almost done. This is definitely not a close-up of my entire room, the bed, mirror, bags-area, magazines and the jewelry shell underneath my mirror and a bit more is left out. I can't wait to show you pictures when it's all done. I'm so in love with it so far, and I'm excited for more change. The minimal effect of the white floors is going to top it all off. I really can't wait! ......