Completely different and very unusual compared to my "usual-post-rutine" or whatever you feel like calling it. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love posting reviews of new and upcoming collections, or showing you how I decorated my "oh so minimalistic"-bedroom, or even showing you some of my outfits from time to time. But let's face it, it gets boring in an blink of an eye, so I needed something new on the blog. Something I absolutely love, always talked about, but never really shared on here; tattoos. 
Yes, yes, yes! Sorry to say it, but heck yes! Now, I might not seem like the hardcore type to pull of a dragon tattoo, or even a sleeve for that matter. But after discovering the fact that you do not necessary need a dragon or an entire sleeve for it to be acceptable to have ink on your body - so I figured; why not? Actually, I am currently already experimenting with piercings, and might get a nose-ring next month, I might as well just get a bunch of tattoos too, right? Of course. I should definitely mention that a lot of thoughts has been put into each tattoo that I determine getting. It wasn't an "overnight"-type of thought. No really, not a single day passes by where the image of my inked body, doesn't cross my mind. Let's get started, and I will take you on this ride with me, starting here;

 The Line Tattoo 
This is the first tattoo I am planning on getting; a straight line on one arm, and four lines around my wrist on the other - but much closer to each other, than shown on the middle picture. There is something so pure and simple about this straight line tattoo, and it does not surprise me, that I feel this kind of attraction to it. The single line tattoo symbolizes the concept of minimalism to me, and since minimalism has had such a huge approach to my life already at this age, I want something to resemble it, and what is better than a beautiful tattoo like this one? On the other hand, the four lines around my wrist, has a complete different meaning to me. I've always been found of wanting a tattoo that symbolizes my love for my family, but I have never wanted anything too cliché. Four lines (seen as bracelets) for each family member of mine, and that is original enough for me. 

 The Circle Tattoo
What can I say? I have a thing for simple tattoos. I find them suitable for my style, and they are timeless! I have always had a huge love for geometric figures, and getting a circle inked on my body, is definitely a proof of that. Although I am definitely not getting it for that reason, what so ever. As well as the straight line; it is for the minimal concept. 

  Small Tattoos
And then at last; Small tattoos. Now, the amazing thing about small tattoos are that you can add them pretty much anywhere on your body. Whether it is small symbols or fancy writing, there is enough space for them. And what is more adorable than having tons of small tattoos placed different areas on your body? Nothing, absolutely nothing. So this is a must for me, since there is some specific ones that I desire getting inked! As I described my love for geometric figures above, it should not be a choker that I have considered the square or even a triangle for that matter. This might seem like fun and games, but I truly want something that has meaning to me and my life in general.